High Blood Sugar and Colon Cancer

In a new study, published on November 29, 2011, researchers showed that women with high blood sugar levels (but not diabetic levels) were nearly twice as likely to develop colorectal cancer when compared to women with low levels.

The researchers hypothesized that high blood sugar may directly fuel the growth of cancer cells or it may increase inflammation levels which, in turn, increase the risk of this cancer. The researchers added that no link was found between insulin levels and colorectal cancer risk.

This study, once again, demonstrates that how and what we eat has a huge impact on every aspect of our health. In fact, our diet is probably the single greatest influence on our health. Yes, there are other factors, but few have such an influence on every single cell, tissue, and organ in our body. I do believe that further research will prove that the high glucose/high insulin diets of today and the resulting inflammation from these diets are responsible for a vast majority of our “modern illnesses.”

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